Our History

The founder and current president of the International Tinnitus Awareness Association (ITAA) is William Randolph Hunt. He founded ITAA in 2010 as a result of his personal experience with tinnitus the previous year. Quite suddenly and without any previous warning, in April 2009, he was stricken with tinnitus. It was so bad that he was desperate to find any resource that could offer him relief.

He soon learned that there is no known cure, and that treatments and therapies are limited; he would need to research this condition (previously unknown to him) for himself by searching the internet, consulting with ENT specialists and audiologists and by talking to other sufferers. Toward this end he joined a tinnitus support group. This was the beginning of a journey that was to have a lasting impact on his life.

Eventually he traveled overseas to be treated by a medical doctor who had specialized in treating tinnitus for more than 30 years and this treatment has greatly relieved his suffering. He vowed to help others avoid this nightmare, to whatever degree possible. Most of all he was struck by the gap between the prevalence of this condition and the general lack of knowledge about it among the general public. He had worked as a management consultant for more than 30 years; had been through a war (the Vietnam conflict) and had lived overseas for three years (South Africa). He had traveled extensively, considered himself to be well-educated and particularly aware of healthy habits and physical well-being. His father had been a medical doctor and his mother had been a registered nurse. Still, he was totally blind-sided by tinnitus.

His objective is simple but challenging - to help prevent tinnitus to whatever degree he can. He knew that he had been somewhat careless with his own hearing and he blamed himself for his agonizing condition. He has vowed that no one should experience tinnitus if at all possible.

As you familiarize yourself with this website, please regard it as only a starting point in your own self-education. Our volunteers are not professionally qualified to recommend treatments, therapies or counseling. Our objective is limited to raising awareness and to encouraging that everyone do more research on their own.