Our Mission

The ITAA is a non-profit corporation. All donations are fully tax deductible. We are an organization of volunteers dedicated to increasing the awareness of tinnitus among the general population. We believe that there is an enormous gap between the prevalence of tinnitus and the awareness of this symptom by most people who do not currently suffer from this condition.

As a result, people may be developing the symptoms of tinnitus unnecessarily, simply because they were not forewarned. This is true with many of our volunteers, most of whom suffer from tinnitus to some degree. Time and again, they repeat the same mantra of regret - "if only I had known more before contracting this, perhaps I could have avoided it." Simply put - we are convinced that tinnitus may be largely preventable through education.

Our volunteers facilitate an informative presentation on tinnitus and its prevention at schools, churches, work places, hunting and shooting preserves and military installations - predominantly in the United States but in other countries as well. Let us hope that our message is not too late for you and your family.

Important disclaimer
Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and work in many different fields of endeavor. However, we are definitely not medical doctors, audiologists or researchers - we are laymen with a limited knowledge of a complex subject. Our objective is to stimulate everyone's level of interest so that each of them will talk to professionals for credible and competent information. In plain English, we are not experts and do not profess to be.