How to Help

We are always interested in expanding our volunteer workforce by recruiting interested persons, training them and encouraging them to spread the word. Although it is not required that you are experiencing tinnitus yourself, you would need to be able to speak with some degree of personal experience (perhaps through your contact with a close friend or loved one) in order to convey the suffering that they must live with. Our 18 slide power point presentation can be customized to suit your style and personal message. All you need is a minimum of experience with power point, a laptop computer and a sincere interest in helping others. Slide presentations may take about 30 minutes, including questions and answers.


Applications to become a volunteer can be processed on-line by first going to this link volunteer application(.pdf), or mail a hard copy (printed version on paper) to:

8408 Markethouse Lane
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 28227-0667

A current volunteer will contact you and our dialogue with you will begin. The training period typically lasts about a week and can take place without your leaving your home or office, all by email and telephone. We may even be able to provide one-on-one coaching so that you can develop your facilitative skills and become more effective. You will be rewarded with the knowledge that your efforts are slowing down the prevalence of tinnitus - a pandemic in our lifetimes.


Is your time limited?
You can become a member of ITAA without committing to facilitate any presentations. All we ask that you donate at least $50 every year, carry an ITAA identification card and become more familiar with tinnitus through your own research. Also you will be on distribution to receive our quarterly email magazine. You will then in a better position to explain the condition to your relatives and friends, promote awareness and possibly recommend that others become members or volunteers. Fill out the membership application by clicking here: membership application(.pdf). Complete the forms on-line and email to or mail a hard copy (printed version on paper) to:

8408 Markethouse Lane
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 28227-0667

Please Donate

We would encourage everyone interested in supporting this effort to assist with a financial donation to help us defray our expenses and to enable us to expand our network of volunteers. All donations are fully tax deductible.

You can request that a gift be sent to you by donating from our
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